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International Journal of Digital Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Learning 

ISSN: 2583-5009

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Published issues

2023 Vol. 2 No 1  (March 2023)
Comparative of algorithms for Solving the Capacity Vehicle Routing Problem
Jesus C. Carmona-Frausto; Adriana Mexicano-Santoyo; Salvador Cervantes-Alvarez; Pascual N. Montes-Dorantes; Francisco Arg¨uelles-Granados
Page: 1-9
Signal Processing Models with High-sensitivity Hall Plates
Tihomir Takov, Ivelina Cholakova and Yavor Georgiev
Page: 11-20
Reliability of the Linear Characteristics while Measuring Magnetic Fields
Nikola Draganov
Page: 21-26
2022 Vol. 1 No 4  (December 2022)
Framing Simulink Block Diagrams Using Bond Graphs
Bojana M. Zlatkovic and Biljana Samardzic
Page: 129-135
Moving Manipulator Unit for Welding Robots
Svetlana Gerganova-Savova
Page: 136-141
Single Mode Optical Fibre Pattern for Signal Processing
Kalin Dimitrov and Lidia Jordanova
Page: 142-145
Adaptive Differential Evolution with Optional External Archive
Adriana Mexicano, Jesus C. Carmona, Nelva N. Almaza, Lilia Garcia, Francisco Arguelles
Page: 146-155


2022 Vol. 1 No 3  (September 2022)
Current Instrument Transformers In MATLAB Program Modeling
Krum Gerasimov, Mediha Hamza, Margreta Vasileva, and Anton Filipov
Page: 103-108
Solar Energy Models for Creating Energy Conversion Designs
Ivan Milenov and Vasil Dimitrov
Page: 109-114
Approximate Non-linear Models for Autotransformers and Switching
Emil Panov, Emil Barudov and Stefan Barudov
Page: 115-123
2022 Vol. 1 No 2  (June 2022)
Security Processes as Machines: A Case Study
Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Manal Alsharah
Page: 49-61
Empirical Analysis on the Efficiency of Clustering Algorithms Based on the Significance of Cluster Size
Sunitha Cheriyan, Shaniba Ibrahim, Susan Treesa
Page: 62-72
Wavelength Assignment for Conducting Exchanged Folded Hypercube Communication Pattern on Optical Bus
Yu-Liang Liu
Page: 73-83
A Security And Performance Review of IoT Encryption Algorithms
Hesham Hasan, Ghassan Ali, Wael Elmedany, Chitra Balakrishna
Page: 84-92
An Image Recognition-Based System for Correcting Body Posture
Hung-Yuan Chung, Yao-Liang Chung, Chih-Yen Liang
Page: 93-99
2022 Vol. 1 No 1 
A Parallel Version of the JADE Algorithm using GPUS
Adriana Mexicano, Jesus C. Carmona, Nelva N. Almaza, Lilia Garcia, Francisco Argüelles
Page: 1-10
A Novel Design of a Compact Two Element MIMO Antenna for 5G Network with Reduced Mutual Coupling
Mohsin Beniysa, Aziz Dkiouak, Aziz El Janati El Idrissi, Alia Zakriti, Mohsinne El Ouahabi
Page: 11-16
Reliability Ratio Weighted Bit Flipping– Sum Product Algorithm for Regular LDPC Codes
Chakir Aqil, Abdelaziz Ahaitouf, Ismailc Akharraz
Page: 17-25
A Survey on Deep Learning Models Based Road Object Detection Inference
Omar BOUAZIZI ENSA, Abdelmalek Essaadi, Aimad EL MOURABIT ENSA
Page: 26-30
A Novel Defect Classification Scheme based on Convolutional Autoencoder Skip Connection in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Jaegyeong Cha, Jongpil Jeong
Page: 31-38


Call for papers 2022 Vol. 2 No 2


The journal Digital Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Learning (AL) invites submissions of original contributions. AL usually plays an important role in transitions from data storage to decision support systems based on very large signal databases, such as the data obtained from sensor networks, internet services, or communication systems. These systems stimulate the development of both computational solutions and novel models. Signals from real-world systems, such as speech, music, biomedical, and multimedia systems, are usually quite complex, making digital signal processing very useful for the automation of analytic operations to retrieve information from data storage. 


Topics will range from foundations for real-world systems and speech processing to language analysis, biomedicine, convergence and complexity analysis, machine learning, social networks, sparse representations, visual analytics, and robust statistical methods.


This journal solicits papers on machine learning approaches for all aspects of digital signal processing and artificial intelligence with regard to AL, including (but not limited to) topics such as:

Topics   •Learning theory •Cognitive information processing •Neural networks •Classification and pattern recognition •Nonlinear signal processing •Graphical models and kernel methods •Genomic signals and sequences •Multichannel adaptive signal processing •Kernel methods and graphical models •Sparsity-aware learning •Subspace/maniforld learning •Bayesian and distributed learning •Smart Grid, games, social networks •Computational Intelligence •Data-driven adaptive systems •Data-driven models •Multimodal data fusion •Multiset data analysis •Perceptual signal processing •Applications (biomedical signals, biometrix, bioinformatics) Read more about Call for papers 2022 Vol. 2 No 2

Vol. 1 No 3  (2022)